I was born in San Jose, Costa Rica and came to the us at the age of 3.  Growing up I loved art, animals, and volunteering at animals shelters.  My love for animals inspire my art every day.  Although I loved sketching and drawing I did not try or even realize I could paint with watercolors until later in life.  Watercolors intimidated me, yet little by little I began to understand the medium and fell in love with the way brushes moved the paint and expressed each stroke.  I found that in watercolors I had more control over the saturation of the color as well as an infinite amount of colors that I could create.  Watercolors became my medium of choice for my pieces, and Ampersand Aquabords my surface of choice.  I cannot image interpreting my ideas in any other way or surface.  I love painting each hair on a dog, the reflections on their eyes, watching these lines, colors and layers take shape and eventually look back at you.  I love what I do.  I’m a full time artist/mommy from home, I love being able to paint my day away with my little ones by doodling along by my side.

I live in Laguna Niguel with my amazing and always supportive husband Marvin, our 5 year old son Bodhi Kai, and our 2 year old Daughter Kala Safina.

Email: goofydogstudios@me.com